Dirty Electricity

Dirty Electricity can be defined as high frequency transients in the mains. These are the result of modern electronics feeding back into the mains – everything from device chargers and computers to modern ‘energy saving’ light bulbs, air conditioners and heat pumps, electric vehicle chargers and inverters for solar PV systems – all of these operate using rapidly switching electronics, which has the side-effect of putting spikes and other high frequency noise onto the live mains. The frequencies involved are themselves highly bio-active, as has been shown in a number of studies. Read more about dirty electricity.

This phenomenon has become progressively more serious, and has earned the popular term ‘dirty electricity’. It is worthwhile in any case to remove this interference from the mains. Whenever you are inside an electrified building, currents are induced within you corresponding to the 50Hz live mains (or 60 Hz in the US and some other territories). You could liken this to a large electromagnetic saw slicing through you. When additional high frequencies are superimposed on that, small though they may be in voltage, it is like adding teeth to that saw. Long term health effects have been observed from exposure to this type of pollution.

Dirty Electricity can be reduce and even eliminated using dirty electricity filters. We recommend the Calmspace Pro filters from www.electrostress.solutions. The mains transients filters in the Calmspace Pro units measurably reduce the intensity of those high frequencies in a range of approx.4 Khz to 2 MHz by 99% in most circumstances (depending on the source of the pollution), as verified by a dedicated meter such as the Graham Stetzer meter or the EM-Fields ‘DeTektor’ meter. This is an exceptionally good result, in line with the very best available dedicated ‘dirty electricity’ filters, and represents a further reduction in stress for everyone in the building.