RF Radiation Health Effects

Radio-frequency or microwave radiation is emitted by wireless communications and devices, ie from mobile and cordless phones, wifi and wifi-enabled computers, smart TVs, smart appliances and smart utility meters, wireless baby alarms, wireless burglar alarms, bluetooth products etc.

1,000s of peer-reviewed, published scientific studies associate RF radiation with a multitude of health implications, primarily ones which disrupt usual biological defence mechanisms and ability to stay healthy, such as the blood-brain barrier, DNA repair, production of stress hormones, production of melatonin etc. There is also considerable science linking RF radiation to infertility.  A useful collection of studies is here Justproveit.net

The water content in our bodies mean we naturally absorb this electromagnetic radiation. Children, with thinner skulls and higher proportion of water, are especially vulnerable.

Unfortunately the current safety standards in the UK are not based on a child! Nor indeed proven biological effects. In fact, the only test that produces need to pass to be declared safe in the UK is that they don’t emit enough radiation to significantly warm a large dummy head filled with saltwater in six minutes!” (This is how the SAR, or ‘speciic absorption rate’ is measured).