EMF protection devices in Edinburgh Scotland

EMF protection devices in Edinburgh Scotland

What does Calmspace Pro do?
• HELPS YOU – gives you the support you need to be able to re-order and render coherent the scalar life-force energy surrounding you – on your own.
• Strengthens your body’s innate EMF defence systems so that you keep your protection intact. Over time this protection should improve even without the system in place.
• Helps every cell of your body to find grounding, through sympathetic resonance.
• Also removes high-frequency pollution known as “dirty electricity” from the mains and sends it to neutral, where it can be carried safely to the ground, removing an element of stress (high-frequency pollution has been found to lead to electrostress symptoms such as fatigue, hormone disruption, insomnia and headaches).

There is no technology available that directly protects against EMF by removing it (other than shielded rooms, and they can be complex and expensive to get right), however the Calmspace Pro protects indirectly, by supporting the body’s own defence mechanisms to the point that it is much better able to be buffered against not just EMF but other environmental stressors as well. Because of the way it works to provide a bio-supportive field with which the body has a strong affinity, the exact source of the EMF is not critical, whether it be cell towers, wi-fi, smart meters, etc. At the same time it should be mentioned that installing a system of Calmspace Pro units doesn’t mean that it is any more prudent to use cell phones, wi-fi etc. – caution is still advised – but it does mean that the body is likely to recover quicker from such direct and close contact with wireless technology. Experience has shown that a house with 2 stories can be well covered with a total of 3-4 units. The exact coverage has no hard boundary, as it depends on the sensitivity of the individuals, the level of environmental stress and EMF exposure in the building, and on the level of dirty electricity pollution on the power grid, but for a 3 bedroom house 3 units ought to provide good coverage in an environment with average EMF pollution, spaced apart and used nearest to where people spend the most time.

UK Three unit system – suitable for most homes and small workplaces: £747.00

EU Three unit system – suitable for most homes and small workplaces: £1047.00


  • UK delivery included.
  • Telephone & email support.
  • Simple plug-in installation.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it at home, and 5-year warranty.
  • To purchase Calmsapce Pro contact us now

Product conforms to the relevant parts of Directive 2006/95/EC of the European Parliament, the associated standards under BS EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014, Household and similar electrical appliances. Safety. General requirements, the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 2004/108/EC, and the RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU).

Important: Calmspace Pro is not a medical product, and it is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. If you have medical concerns consult your professional healthcare practitioner.