Tips for Safe Environments

Mobile phone radiation

Phones: Cordless DECT landlines emit harmful levels of RF radiation continually. Therefore the safest phone is a corded landline. Share your landline number with friends and family, encourage them to use it!

Internet: Wifi and wifi-enabled devices emit harmful levels of RF radiation. The safest (and often most reliable) internet connection is a wired connection using ethernet cables. NB remember to disable the wifi on your computer, or it will continue to emit.

Mobile phone radiation hazard

Mobile phone radiation hazards – Tips for safe environments

Problems from nearby masts, or neighbours?
Buildings can be shielded against electromagnetic radiation from external sources. Typical solutions are

  • Shielding wallpaper
  • Shielding paint
  • Wire Mesh
  • Shielding fabrics
  • Bed canopies

Such solutions can transform the feel of your home. Before investing in shielding it is strongly advised to have levels and sources of EMFs professionally surveyed, and the various options professionally assessed.

NB different solutions perform better at different frequencies, so it’s important to know the frequency of the EMFs affecting your home, as well as the power levels and source.