EMF Problems

  • Low Frequency EMFs (eg from electric cables & appliances, pylons)
  • Radio Frequency/Microwave EMFs (cordless phones, wifi, mobile phones, wireless alarm systems & smart technology)
  • Dirty Electricity’ (high frequency transients in the mains, which spread high frequency EMFs via the mains).
  • Electromagnetic hypersensitivity and electrosensitivity

Science behind the studies on bio-effects of electromagnetic fields
All three have been repeatedly shown in replicated peer-reviewed science to affect human biology. All three are cumulative, with damage occurring over time and often at a cellular level and non-symptomising level. Given our unavoidable exposure outside of our homes it is increasingly important, especially where there are existing medical conditions, to minimise exposure where we do have control, ie at home, to allow our bodies to recover.

EMF bespoke personal surveys
If you’re electrosensitive or worried about EMR (electromagnetic radiation) in your home or workplace or when you’re traveling call me or email me.